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Sheffield Ford

For Sale?

This website, or at least the domain name may be for sale.  

Please send any email offer to the contact email above.

Aged Domain


This domain name has existed for many years, and receives hundreds of visitors per week

Existing online presence


"One previous owner"  - that saying usually means the sale comes at a premium, but with good reason.   Those three little words should excite any would be buyer, especially when you do the research and realise the previous owner has left pointers to this domain name all over the web.  

These pointers some in the business call backlinks, and they are invaluable if already in existence as it means you have less work to do to get your name online, and fast.

Who would this benefit?

Otherwise known as "why by this domain?"

Let's be honest, this is a pretty niche domain name.

If you have anything to do with Ford - especially servicing them, and are located in Sheffield then I guess this may be for you.  

Hit me with an offer and you could have this within 24 hours.