Clark & Partners £99 Value Service

What’s included

Driving vehicle into workshop



Check operation/advise if adjustment required


Check operation/advise if adjustment required


Check for damage

Washers, wipers

Check operation/adjust if necessary

Exterior lights and fascia illumination

Check operation/condition

Instrument gauges, warning lights and horn

Check operation

Heating system, blower motor

Check operation

Air conditioning

Check operation

Seat belts

Check operation/condition

Under bonnet


Bonnet catch

Check operation/lubricate if required

Wiring, pipes, hoses, oil and fuel pipes

Check routing, damage, chafing and leaks (where visible)

Engine, vacuum pump and cooling system

Check damage and leaks (where visible)

Coolant expansion tank, windscreen washer, power steering and brake fluid reservoirs

Check/top up fluid levels as necessary – in case of abnormal fluid loss, investigate and report


Check antifreeze concentrate, advise if required

Auxiliary drive belts

Check condition, advise if adjustment required


Check general condition and test using midtronics tester/clean terminals

Automatic transmission

Check/top up fluid

Under vehicle


Steering, suspension linkages, ball joints, driveshaft, gaiters

Check damage, wear and security

Front and rear wheel bearing

Check wear

Engine and transmission

Check visible


Check condition, damage and leaks


Check condition and damage

Braking system

With wheel/drum off check condition of: pads, discs, callipers, shoes and drums. Measure and REPORT brake pad and disc thickness on VHC

Wheels and tyres


Tyres including spare wheel

Adjust pressure, check wear and condition (VHC)

Wheel nuts

Tighten to correct torque

Parts renewal


Air filter


Oil and oil filter


Additional maintenance at customer’s request


Spark plugs


Braking system

Drain and refill brake fluid

Cooling system

Check pressure cap, drain and refill coolant

Cam belt


Valve clearances

Adjust as required

Fuel filter


Pollen/odour filter


Air conditioning

Duct clean/diagnose and re-gas/system service