Geometry Check

Beyond just the typical ‘tracking’ adjustments made by some garages, Clark & Partners will perform a full 4-wheel geometry check and correction.

Incorrect wheel alignment has a significant affect on the handling of a vehicle and is a compromise to safety. It will also lead to irregular wear on your tyres causing them to need replacing before the end of their life span.

Misalignment is often caused by driving over pot holes, speed bumps or up kerbs when parking. Wheel alignment can also be severely affected through crashes even as a result of the smallest of incidents.

Two wheel tracking is an insufficient measure for setting up your vehicle correctly, as it is the relationship of all four of your wheels to each other that affects the way your car drives.

Clark & Partners posses the latest technology and expertise to make sure your vehicle alignment is correct to the manufacturers specification. And now at only a cost of only £65, there’s reason to put it off.

Contact us and make your booking.

Vehicle wheel alignment is affected by road conditions and driving circumstances and therefore adjustment cannot be covered by Clark & Partners guarantee. However, should you have reason to believe that further adjustment is necessary after your visit, we will check and re-adjust (if required) free of charge within 30 days of purchase.