Worn brake pads are one of the most common faults found in vehicle servicing and MOT. This can of course be potentially dangerous, with longer stopping distances, skidding, and in the worst cases, complete failure to brake.

Spotting The Signs Of Brake Wear

You should look out for signs of brake wear, such as:

  • Increased stopping distances
  • Your brake feels softer to depress than normal
  • A grinding sound when brakes are applied
  • A squealing or ringing sound when brakes are applied
  • An abnormal vibrating when you brake
  • Brake fluid warning light is either flashing or permanently lit up on your dashboard 

  If your car is due for a service or you’re concerned that your brakes may be worn, call us to book an appointment on 0114 229 3362. Safety is the number one priority, so don’t delay. Pads and discs will be renewed at the same time.