Half of MOT failures avoidable

Image courtesy of The Zebra

New figures from government data on MOT testing in the UK have revealed that almost half of MOT failures could have been prevented by simple checks beforehand.

In 2015, 27.7 million MOTS were carried out in Britain. 38% of these resulted in an initial fail.

10% of failures were due to tyres which were worn below the legal limit and one in five were for basic lighting faults, such as a blown headlight.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) are advising motorists to carry out simple visual checks before an MOT.

Here are some things you can check yourself:

  • Check headlights on your car are working correctly
  • Check your indicators
  • Check rear lights, reverse lights and brake lights
  • Check your brakes
  • Check that all tyres meet the legal limit – a minimum of 1.6mm
  • Get any windscreen chips repaired before your test to minimise the risk of large cracks

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