Women charged more than men for car repairs


A new survey has found that, on average, women are charged £45 more for car repairs than men. 

The survey, which was carried out by ClickMechanic, visited 182 garages across the UK with a 2011 Ford Focus which needed a replacement clutch. Both men and women participated in the survey to compare the difference in quotes.

10 cities across the UK were visited, with 8 out of 10 charging women a higher premium than men.

Birmingham was found to have the biggest difference with men quoted an average of £445, whilst women were quoted £582 for the same repair.

Sheffield and Edinburgh beat the trend, as both charged women less than men.

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Survey results as follows:

Birmingham £137 or 31% difference

Manchester £137 or 28% difference

Glasgow £98 or 20% difference

London £120 or 18% difference

Cardiff £66 or 12% difference

Bristol £25 or 4% difference

Leeds £15 or 3% difference

Liverpool £5 or 1% difference

Sheffield -£32  or -5% difference (it was cheaper for women)

Edinburgh -£117 or -19% difference (significantly cheaper for women)

Average price difference: £45

Average % difference: 8%

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