Speed awareness

Penalty points a postcode lottery, survey finds

Speed awareness

A new survey has revealed that penalty points are a postcode lottery.

Depending on where you live, you could either be handed penalty points on your licence or be offered an awareness course for driving offences.

The survey covers England and Wales and was carried out by solicitors Caddick Davies via a Freedom of Information request.

If an offence such as speeding or not wearing a seatbelt was committed in West Yorkshire, drivers were much more likely to be handed points.

Merseyside is the area where you are most likely to be offered an awareness course instead of points.

The survey also revealed that there are different courses available but only in certain areas. For example, areas such as Norfolk and Humberside offered courses such as seatbelt safety, driver behaviour and motorcycle only, as well as the standard speed awareness.

Survey results:

Areas where you’re least likely to be offered an awareness course:

West Yorkshire Police, 15.28% take up

Cambridgeshire Police, 21.93% take up

Nottinghamshire Police, 24.08% take up

City of London Police, 25.91% take up

Gloucestershire Police, 32.78% take up


Areas where you’re most likely to be offered an awareness course:

Merseyside Police, 78.82% take up

Norfolk Police, 66.04% take up

Essex Police, 61% take up

Northamptonshire Police, 54% take up

Suffolk Police, 51% take up

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