Tax disc

Thousands fined over DVLA’s new tax rules

Tax disc

Motorists are no longer issued with a paper tax disc to display in their vehicle.

It has emerged this week that thousands of motorists have had to pay hefty fines or had their cars towed away because of new rules following the switch to digital tax discs.

Tax discs are now automatically cancelled when a car switches owners. Motorists who are unaware of the changes face fines of hundreds of pounds or even risk being clamped.

Critics say that the DVLA has been operating a “money-making scheme” where drivers are forced to pay up, without any previous warning that the law had changed.

Official figures showed that the number of clamped cars had soared from 5000 cars a month to well over 8000 after the digital tax discs were introduced.

Some motorists have had to pay up to £800 to get their impounded vehicles back. Critics estimate that the DVLA will be making millions of pounds from the change, as vehicles are taxed by both the seller and the buyer.

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